First Kaska Group of Companies includes seven separate subsidiaries, and several joint ventures.

Organizational Chart

First Kaska Earthworks

Earthworks undertakes civil construction projects, snow clearing, landscaping and other tasks typically associated with the operation of a diverse fleet of heavy equipment. First Kaska Earthworks is currently working on a number of roadway reconstruction projects for the Yukon government, and is clearing land to facilitate the construction of timber homes in Watson Lake.

First Kaska Equipment

Equipment provides the necessary heavy equipment and maintenance needed to serve the other First Kaska companies and the public and private sectors. First Kaska offers heavy equipment operator training, together with Yukon University, to Liard First Nations people to prepare them to operate heavy equipment on First Kaska projects. First Kaska helped to develop the curriculum and deliver training, which includes first aid, rigging and hoisting, confined spaces, and more. The practical component of the training included between 50-100 hours of hands-on time operating heavy equipment.

First Kaska Construction

Construction includes residential, commercial, institutional, light industrial structures and special projects. Heartland Timber Homes, the newest division of First Kaska Construction, builds and assembles timber homes, and specializes in housing projects in remote locations. To learn more, please click here.

First Kaska Environmental

Environmental is used to provide expertise in dealing with water quality, contamination, site remediation and more. Environmental training has been a strong focus for First Kaska. In 2020, we offered the BEAHR (Building Environmental Awareness and Human Resources) through ECO Canada. Eight people participated through the six-week training program that included a range of topics such as soil sampling, worksite safety, fish stocking and more. Further, in 2021, First Kaska offered additional environmental training to six people, four of whom were youth. Graduates are employed on our environmental projects team.

First Kaska Real Estate

Real Estate will be the company which will hold future real estate assets of the corporate group

First Kaska Community Services

Community Services is intended to provide local services to the Liard First Nations community. Some examples may include fuel delivery, water delivery, etc.

First Kaska Utilities

Utilities The Sādę’ Renewable Energy solar farm is the premiere project under First Kaska Utilities. Work is now underway to construct the solar farm, and First Kaska Utilities’ trained technicians are installing and maintaining the equipment.