As more projects come on stream, safety is being reinforced every day. It is the most important thing that workers are asked to do: look out for themselves and their co-workers.

First Kaska prides itself on its safety program, outlining rules and procedures to keep everyone safe. It starts with understanding the tasks to be completed, and identifying any risks associated with that work. For example, workers need to stay well clear of all heavy equipment in use. There’s a shared responsibility by the equipment operator and all the workers on site to make sure everyone stays safe.

Workers also know that they are not allowed to perform tasks that they are not trained for. “No one jumps in a skid steer and starts operating it, for example, unless they have received the proper training first,” said Devin Brodhagen, First Kaska General Manager. “This is critical for a safe work environment.”

All accidents are preventable, and rules such as being aware of your surroundings, or not taking shortcuts, reduces injuries and downtime.

“We always choose safety first,” said Devin. “If someone spots a problem, they can stop the work until it is resolved.” Looking out for each other helps ensure everyone gets home safely every night.

The commitment to safety shows! In 2021, First Kaska employees worked 25, 550 hours with only one medical aid incident reported.

Safety Is a top Priority!

Here are some of the workplace safety tips we use:

Be aware of your surroundings.


All accidents are preventable.


Follow all company safety rules and procedures.


Don’t take shortcuts to complete
any task.


Choose safety over expediency.


Be prepared to perform your task.


Don’t perform task you feel
you are not able to complete
or have been trained to do.


Assess your risk before
attempting any task.


Pay attention to your co-workers.


Ensure workspace is clean
and free of debris that could
pose a hazard.