Your northern partner in construction, earthworks, transportation and energy

Based in Watson Lake, Yukon, First Kaska is proudly owned by Liard First Nation


With trained operators, and a fleet of heavy equipment at the ready, First Kaska Earthworks is currently providing services to two roadway reconstruction projects for the Yukon government: Nahanni and Robert Campbell. First Kaska also expects to participate in opportunities that are available in the Faro mine remediation project.


Heartland Timber Homes, a division of First Kaska Construction, designs and creates timber home kits that can be shipped and assembled on site. Heartland Timber Homes will be able to deliver quality timber homes to remote locations and will be an attractive option for First Nations across Canada, which are often located far from urban centres. Timber Homes are less expensive to build, require less maintenance and are more culturally appropriate.


First Kaska is now hiring carpenters, production facility labourers, freight and shuttle dispatchers, shuttle bus driver.