The Board

Yvon Goupil

Yvon Goupil, board member of First Kaska Ltd, has lived and worked in the LFN Kaska territory for 30 years. Bringing over 40 years in the Logging, Road Construction and Mine Development Industries and over 20 years Environmental Disposal Industry (Disposal Plan Designer).

A seasoned project manager and leader with more than 35 years of supervisory field management and project management projects across Canada.  Without question, a deep knowledge, wisdom and respect to the great kaska nation.

Florian Lemphers

Board Member FKGP, has lived and worked in all 3 territories for over 40 years. His last Public Service position in the Yukon Government was Senior Cabinet Advisor- First Nations Capacity Development .

Mr. Lemphers has excellent analytic, mediation, conflict resolution, financial management, project management, negotiation, information systems, writing, strategic communication, and adult teaching skills.

He developed and wrote many of the first financial administrative directives and policies pertaining to the operation of Management Board [Treasury Board ] in the Yukon Government and developed and wrote the first Program Evaluation Guidelines utilized in the Yukon Government.

He has Chaired or facilitated several First Nation General Assemblies or Special General Assemblies throughout the Yukon, where contentious and significant confidential issues have been discussed.

He has extensive experience in working with public government, First Nations and Inuit in the Canadian North in the areas of: negotiations, public consultation, the development of practical workable administrative, governance arrangements, strategic planning and the development of community-based programs.

For the last several years of his public service work was project oriented and he was specifically tasked to deal with critical emergency situations that have arisen in the Yukon and in Nunavut and involved extensive consultation with the Public.

He has worked on numerous projects also involving responsible private sector resource development projects.

Jasper Lamouelle

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George Morgan – Chief Liard First Nation

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